The Top 3 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

by Aliana Souder | Dec 29, 2016

Normally, when we think of a brand we think of the way established companies are perceived in the media. Such as, what the company stands for, what they offer and how they pertain to you. In today’s job market, it’s time for you think of yourself as your own company, as your own brand. You are a brand because you are passionate about specific topics and you offer skills that others don’t. What’s incredible about the current job market is that everyone has the opportunity to showcase their work, manage their own reputation and network with others, both online and in person. Here are the top 3 ways to build your personal brand:

Create and Monitor Your Social Media Presence Most of us have one or two social media accounts, if you don’t, research the ones that may interest you. LinkedIn is one of the top tools to utilize when building your brand. It allows you to connect with others, create or follow blogs and join various professional groups. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are more social sites but are still important to have. When you look at your own site, make sure you are professionally and accurately represented. Yes, this means delete all inappropriate pictures or posts. Having a social media presence has many benefits when it comes to showing off your creativity, networking and learning new information on topics you are interested in. So why not take advantage of them?

Develop a Personal Website

Having a personal website is a great place to store all of your work for an online portfolio. Overtime, you have most likely developed or assisted in the creation of many documents. What’s the point in completing amazing work without showing it off? Being proud and confident in yourself and what you have accomplished in your career. On your website, create social media links, write a short bio and upload your resume along with other work related documents. There are many free personal website platforms to use such as WIX, Weebly or Jimdo. This is your chance to represent yourself to the world and you have the power to control what is featured.

Start Blogging

Creating your own blog will give you a chance to show more of your personality and what your interests are. When it comes to uploading posts, there is true freedom. Some people think you have to strictly write about professional topics, but as long as you are writing and making an effort, that’s all that matters. Don’t enjoy writing? Your blog can then be a place where you share interesting content to others; you don’t have to write a specific amount of paragraphs for it to be considered a true post. Any employer would be impressed if a candidate wrote blog posts and would be curious to learn more about that person besides what their profession is. The posts can be uploaded to your personal website, created on a separate website or uploaded to LinkedIn. The more places you share your posts the more coverage you will receive.

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