The True Driver of Employee Success Might Not Be What You Think

by Aliana Souder | Dec 29, 2016

What drives you to go above and beyond at work? As large corporations start to make headlines by offering new benefits and perks, it raises the question if those perks really make an impact on performance in the workplace. We constantly see demands of flexibility, increased parental leave and improved vacation packages. But sources say that providing those programs won’t always translate into employee satisfaction.

According to a recent study by Forbes, 83% of employees say that recognition for contributions is more fulfilling than any reward or gift. What does this mean for today’s workforce? Employees want to know that they are cared about and appreciated. Comprehensive benefit packages, flexible work environments and flashy office space are all great tools to attract top talent, but attracting top talent isn’t enough. Employers have to motivate top talent to do their best and push to be better each day. Communicating praise is a proven way to motivate employees.

Great leaders spend their time finding ways to motivate their employees to be as successful as they can. Yes, this may include new technologies, training methods and culture building events. But it’s important to remember that verbal recognition makes the strongest impact of all. To take time out of your day to personally identify the accomplishments of your employees will drive further successes than any other way.

When was the last time you complimented someone’s success? Maybe you gave someone a high-five for a job well done, or maybe you mentioned their success story in a meeting, or maybe you’re realizing it’s been a long time since you’ve provided praise. No matter where you find yourself, make it a point today to acknowledge someone’s accomplishment. You never know, you might be giving the employee the encouragement they need to stay at the company, feel proud of their accomplishment, or to push themselves to the next big thing for your company.

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